Production Facilities

Our company has always given prime importance to quality in all spheres of business operations. All the company's tools and implements are manufactured at state-of-the-art production facilities under strict quality control supervision. All products are checked at each & every stage of production, right from inspection of raw-materials to packaging of finished products, to ensure that customers are provided with complete value for money.

Our production units are equipped with all the latest manufacturing equipment & machinery available in Forgings & Castings, as well as heat treatment & finishing. Borne out of single minded dedication, hard-work, excellent planning and supported by skilled manpower committed regularly to the work, National Tools (Export) is the perfect solution for all your requirements in tools and implements from India.

The wide product range includes hand tools, agricultural implements, garden tools, forgings and castings. Around 400 tonnes of range is produced every month. Every item is rich in quality and well known for hassle-free performance. 

Experience Matters

It is rightly said that the more experienced your are, the more understanding you build in a particular field. Same goes to our company, which has over 50 years of experience in the fabrication and international sale of the products.

Tapping The Export Potential

The top management of our company had the understanding of the export potential of our products in the international markets. Based on their understanding about the products, markets and customers, they started export of the hand tools, agricultural implements, garden tools, forgings and castings to the markets of USA, UK, Latin & Central, South America. Till today, we are in quest to find more customers in the aforesaid markets as well as new markets.

The fundamentals and organizational factors based on which our team evaluates the new markets and potential of selling the products in those markets:

  • Examine the domestic sales of tools and implements
  • Examine the unique features of the range
  • Access the export readiness of the company into the selected markets
  • Capability to modify the products by markets
  • Support of the management, enough time and resources and adequate budget

Our Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage of  National Tools (Export) is the distinctive features of each and every tool and implement, which is why these get better reception in international markets.

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